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No integrations, no plugins, no prompting or coding. In Help Scout, tapping into the power of AI is just one click away.

AI boosts productivity by up to 35%

A 2023 study shows that support reps who have access to AI assistance saw up to a 35% increase in resolutions per hour. But that’s not all. AI has been proven to improve customer sentiment and employee retention, while also reducing the need for managerial intervention.

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Help Scout + AI

We believe AI won’t replace support teams, but that with the right AI features, every team can take their productivity to the next level. We are innovating to bring our customers cutting-edge AI technology and working to uncover its best application in customer conversations.

AI Summarize

Condense long email threads into a few bullet points in a matter of seconds. Stop wasting time sifting through previous replies, and get the context you need with the click of a button.

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AI assist

Bring out the best in every reply. Expand fragmented thoughts, fix wordiness, translate text into over a dozen languages, or adjust your tone of voice to the unique needs of every conversation.

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