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90+ apps
& integrations

Connect Help Scout to other web services your business depends on.

75+ keyboard shortcuts

No mouse required! Help Scout can be used almost entirely via keyboard.

Advanced formatting

Our editor makes it easy to add bold, italics, links, or lists to your replies and notes.

AI assistPlus

Use the power of AI to make text longer or shorter, change the tone, translate, or edit for grammar and spelling.

AI summarizePlus

Summarize conversations into a few bullet points with one click.


Bend Help Scout to your will using OAuth and these read/write endpoints.


Quickly delegate a conversation to another user when you need help.

Attach files

Attach files of up to 10MB to any outgoing messages.

Auto BCC

Great for use with a CRM, set up Auto Bcc to copy all your replies to another system.

Auto reply

Create a confirmation message that is sent to customers as soon as their email is received.

Browser notifications

Receive instant notifications in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Bulk actions

When viewing a folder, select up to 50 conversations, and you can act on them all at once.


Offer live chat to your customers by installing Beacon on your website.

Collision detection

Get real-time alerts when people are viewing or replying to the same conversation.

CSV export

Perform custom analysis by exporting your reporting data to a CSV or Excel file.

Custom apps

A quick way for developers to pull customer data from a third party source into the sidebar.

Custom fieldsPlus

Set up or require fields to store custom data for each conversation.

Customer profiles

Profiles are auto-populated, editable, and include all previous history.

Desktop notifications

Get notified of conversation activity with desktop browser notifications supported on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Edit hide threads

Any conversation thread can be edited or hidden from the customer (like a note).

Email forwarding

Need to involve a third party in a thread? You can forward it to them just like an email.

Email signatures

Add a personalized HTML signature to every reply.

Email templates

Plain looks like a normal email and Fancy is more design-y.

Follow conversations

Get email notifications for replies or notes on any conversation.

Google apps

Import users from your account; send emails via Gmail.

Mobile apps

Check in on your mailboxes, manage conversations, and collaborate with your team.

HubSpot integrationPlus

Bring contextual information about your customers into Help Scout.

IP restrictionsPro

Limit access to your Help Scout account to users connecting from a predefined list of IP address ranges or individual IPs.

Jira integrationPlus

Create a new Jira issue from a Help Scout conversation.

Light UsersPlus

Users with limited permissions at a lower per user cost.

Inbox permissions

Inboxes can be restricted to specific users.

Merge conversations

Easily merge multiple conversations from the same customer into one.

Multiple inboxes

Manage email for multiple brands, sites, or departments all in one place.

No email branding

A personal touch is important, so there are no links to Help Scout on your outbound emails.


Private communication between users that is not visible to the customer.

Office hours

Filter reports and activate the auto reply based on your operating hours.

Open tracking

When a customer views your most recent message, it will be denoted in Help Scout.

Outgoing SMTP settings

We can send emails on your behalf or use your custom SMTP credentials.

Phone conversations

When a customer calls in, the details of the call can quickly be logged to their profile.

Push notifications

Instant notification of Help Scout activity on your mobile device.

Salesforce integrationPlus

Pulls in customer activity details from Salesforce to Help Scout.

SAML single sign onPro

Sign in to Help Scout with your company’s SSO credentials using any SAML-compatible identity provider.

Satisfaction ratings

Customers rate their support experience, and you can view results in the reports.

Saved replies

AKA canned responses, insert these in two clicks to answer common questions.


Search all your data, add advanced filters, and perform bulk actions all in one step.

Spam filtering

Incoming emails are run through a spam filter that learns from your actions.


Use tags to categorize conversations, monitor trends, and trigger Workflows.


Assign conversations and monitor reports based on a group of users.

Two factor authentication

Set up two-factor authentication (2FA) using a mobile device and either an authenticator app or SMS text message.

User permissions

You can choose whether to give users access to more advanced management features.

Voicemail integration

Help Scout can parse incoming voicemails from 50+ different providers.


Instant notification of activity in Help Scout.


Filter emails, create custom folders, and automate actions.

A better experience for your customers, fewer headaches for your team.

Knowledge base


Includes everything you need to customize the experience and fully integrate Docs.

Collision detection

You'll be notified instantly when someone else is editing an article.

Custom domain

Point any domain or sub-domain to your Docs site for branding control.

Design/CSS control

Own the look and feel of your site with various settings and your own custom CSS.

Help desk integration

Search Docs when viewing a conversation and insert a link without leaving the page.

Mobile friendly

Docs sites work on any device, so customers find what they need wherever they are.

Multi-language translation

Translate English words on your site to another language.

Multiple sites

Each plan comes with at least one site, and you can add more for $20/month/site.

Private collections

Enables you to create an internal knowledge base only for Help Scout users.

Related articles

Add related articles to any resource in a few clicks.

Revision history

Access and restore previous versions of an article quickly.


Lightning fast search enables customers to find what they need in seconds.


Customize your URL slug, add keywords, and enjoy an auto-generated sitemap.xml file.


Your site will be served over SSL for no additional charge.

Unlimited data

Docs can handle all the collections and articles you can throw at it.


Article suggestions

Suggest different Docs articles depending on the page URL.

Beacon builder

Update your Beacon settings instantly without touching code.

Custom fieldsPlus

Pre-fill fields or allow customers to update them for you.

Customer profile data

Use the identify method to pass valuable customer data to the sidebar.

Javascript API

Customize and control your Beacon with code.


Support another language or match to your voice and tone.

Secure mode

Authenticate your customers without requiring a login.

Support history

Customers can access their support history and reply in Beacon.


Engage people on your website.

Mobile SDKs

Add Beacon to your native iOS or Android app.


Advanced filters

Filter reporting data by conversation type, mailbox, tag, or folder.


Access all metrics and reports for your company via reporting API endpoints.

Conversation drill-downs

When a metric represents a group of conversations, click to see all the specifics.

Date comparisons

Compare report metrics to the previous time period or another custom date range.

Export to

Export your data for additional analysis alongside your other business data.

Office hours filtering

Adjust response and resolution times to exclude hours out of office.


All reports have a beautiful printer-friendly layout.

User-specific reporting

See all key metrics and activity for a specific user on a single page.


Save a set of filtering conditions and revisit the report at any time.

Email integration

Email notifications

Granular control over when you would like Help Scout to notify you of account activity.

Collision detection

Prevents duplicate replies from going to the customer.

Forward in conversations

Forward email from your personal inbox to create a support conversation.

Update conversations remotely

Update conversations without logging in using simple @ commands.

Security and reliability

99.99% uptime

We understand how important reliability is to your business.

GDPR compliance

Help Scout complies with the EU's data protection laws.

HIPAA compliancePro

Safely store protected health information (PHI) in Help Scout.

Independently tested

We contract with security researchers and pen testers to discover security vulnerabilities.

PCI level III

Payment information is stored and processed securely.

SSL & TLS (email) encryption

Bank-level security protects all your company data.

Data privacy

Adhering to industry-standard best practices with regards to your privacy.

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