Help Scout vs. Front

Help Scout offers an all-in-one support platform that empowers growing businesses to better serve customers and make the most of their customer interactions.

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Why choose Help Scout over Front?

​​Even the best hammer in the world can only build so much of a house. The same is true with customer support. In order to curate a truly best-in-class experience, you need access to an entire toolkit to provide support through more than just email.


All-in-one solution

Help Scout has a shared inbox, live chat, help center, and proactive messages, all available natively in our platform.


Plans that scale with you

We’re here to power your support team — no matter what stage you’re at — with robust features like collaboration, automation, customer data, and out-of-the-box reporting.


Simple set up

Start talking to customers, publish a help center article, and offer live chat within an hour. Help Scout outranks Front for ease of set up on review sites like G2 and Capterra.

How we stack up

It’s not just us, buyers on Capterra are saying the same thing about their experiences. Help Scout scores higher in the following categories that matter most for customers.

4.7out of 5out of 5    |   Front: 4.5
Front: 4.5
Ease of Use
4.7out of 5out of 5    |   Front: 4.5
Front: 4.5
Customer Service
4.8out of 5out of 5    |   Front: 4.4
Front: 4.4

Transparent Pricing


Consistent pricing

Whether you’re a team of two or 200, our per-agent cost stays the same. Can Front say the same?

More value for less

Shared inbox, chat, in-app messaging, and a help center — all included in your plan.

No contracts

No red tape, just sign up and go.

Help Scout is right for you if...

Customers expect options for how to get support, and Help Scout gives you the tools to provide it. From self-service Docs to live chat and proactive messages, Help Scout goes beyond the inbox to let customers choose their preferred methods of interaction.

Help Scout can be as simple or powerful as you need it to be. As your needs get more complex, Help Scout is ready to meet the challenge with features like workflows, tags, custom fields, and reporting. They all work together to let you focus on what matters most — talking with your customers. Though Front does offer a few additional features beyond their shared inbox, it’s still a pretty limited offering.

Charting your path forward is much easier when you know where you’re starting. With Help Scout, you have access to reports out of the box on all plans, such as average response time, ticket volume by channel and time of day, and much more. You’re also able to create custom reports if you need to take a deeper dive. With Front, you’re only able to generate reports on higher-tier plans.

The last thing you need is a lengthy set up and onboarding process to start supporting your customers. You can set up Help Scout and start supporting customers in minutes. You’ll also have access to our top-notch support team and robust library of self-service documentation for any questions that may come up along the way. Even though Help Scout is a more feature-rich product, we still regularly outrank Front in ease-of-setup categories across review sites like G2 and Capterra.

At Help Scout, we’ve been supporting support teams for over a decade. In that time, we’ve learned a lot, which helps us provide truly outstanding support to our customers. Not only do we offer 24/6 email and chat support, we offer semi-weekly live Help Scout classes you can attend. We also have an extensive knowledge base for those who prefer self-directed learning.

Front is right for you if...

If having your personal work email in the same tool as your shared inbox is a true priority, Front may be right for you. While we can do it at Help Scout, our focus is using shared inboxes for team collaboration and customer support. Introducing personal email into this experience doesn’t bring value to shared inboxes and can cause confusion — and won’t be a focus for us moving forward.

What you can do with Help Scout


Share team inboxes

Whether you have a team of 2 or 200, Inboxes keep everyone on the same page. Leverage automation to move fast, while always giving customers a human, helpful experience.

More about Shared Inboxes
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Knowledge base

Deliver instant answers

Keep your customers in the flow by embedding help articles right on your website. With Beacon, they never have to leave the page to find an answer.

More about the Knowledge Base
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Live chat

Connect with customers

Solve a problem or close a sale in real-time with chat. If no one is available, customers are seamlessly routed to email without confusion

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Manage your team

Measure what matters with Help Scout’s easy-to-use reports. You can filter, export, and drilldown on the data in a couple clicks.

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Connect the tools you already use

Explore 50+ integrations that make your day-to-day workflow more efficient and familiar. Our extensive developer tools might also strike your fancy.

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