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Help Scout is as intuitive as an email inbox, with powerful features to ensure scaling teams make every customer feel like 1 in a million.

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Support teamsHelp Scout.
Your customers will too.

Unlike complex platforms that are a pain to use, or sales and marketing tools that tack on buggy help desk features, Help Scout gives your team exactly what they need to focus on building customer relationships.

Why customers love Help Scout

  • No confusing jargon or ticket numbers

  • Faster, more accurate responses

  • No frustrating paths of deflection

  • Multiple outreach and self-help options

Why teams love Help Scout

  • Familiar interface that feels like your inbox

  • All messages and context in one view

  • No more busy work with easy automations

  • The features you want without the complexity

What you can do with Help Scout

Deliver cross-channel support

Deliver cross-channel support

Meet customers where they are. Answer requests across channels—like email, Messenger, and chat—accurately and in a timely manner.

Offer self-service options

Offer self-service options

Reduce support volume by enabling customers to find answers themselves via self-service—saving your team and customers time.

Get actionable insights

Get actionable insights

Analyze, monitor, and adjust based on detailed reporting. Use it to make your support team better, and provide the best experience for customers.

Make it personal

Make it personal

View customer profile data and conversation history, tag and sort messages to prioritize VIPs, and send messages to unique customer segments.

Choosing the right customer support tool for you

Are you in the market for a new customer support tool, but don't know where to start? Download our free buyer's guide to choosing the right customer support tool.

Choosing the right customer support tool for you

The features your support team needs

Every feature in Help Scout is built to help you stay productive while building stronger customer relationships. We give you all power without the complexity.

Intuitive email support

The shared inbox that helps your team do more with less, while giving customers a human, helpful experience.

Collaborate with ease

Private notes, collision detection, assignments, and more help your team work better together.

Automate complexity

Create manual or automatic workflows to take care of repetitive tasks with simple if/then logic.

Organize your inbox

Sort your incoming email by priority, create inboxes for different teams, and assign conversations automatically.

Personalize conversations

Track and display customer information to provide better support faster no matter the channel.

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Help customers in real-time

Provide 1:1, live support to your customers on your website or in your app.

Start in minutes

Install Beacon on your website or in your app and start chatting with customers right away.

Work together live

Collaborate with the same notes, assignments, and permissions you use to manage email with your team.

Chat on your terms

Chat when your team is available, and seamlessly direct customers to other options when they're not.

Know who you’re talking to

Use tags and customer profiles to provide faster, more personalized help to each customer.

More about Live Chat

Proactively support with Messages

Promote new products, invite customers to reach out, or make announcements with proactive Messages sent through Beacon.

Target your audience

Use customer properties and events to reach the right customers at the right time with your message.

Build rich messages

Make your messages pop with links, CTAs, images, and more to engage viewers and drive action.

Find what resonates

Track views and clicks on messages over time to learn what your customers care about.

Manage everything

The Messages dashboard gives you a complete view of all Messages, monthly usage, and reporting.

More about In-app Messages

Provide customers instant answers

With a self-service knowledge base, you'll have happier customers and fewer conversations — everyone wins.

Easy to build

Create your Docs site and publish your first article in minutes to start answering frequently asked questions.

Understand customer needs

Report on what your customers are searching for and which articles get the most attention.

Beautifully branded

Ensure your knowledge base matches your brand with your own with custom company branding.

Organized and searchable

Use categories and collections to organize your articles and make search easy.

More about Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base

Out-of-the-box reporting

Use Reports to track and optimize team efficiency, channel effectiveness, and customer happiness.

Report on what matters

Track volume, response time, resolutions, user-specific stats, and all your most important KPIs.

Track custom data points

Using tags and custom fields to measure what you care about most, and follow your unique data points.

Create custom views

Filter your data to dig deeper on the trends you’re interested in, and save reports to revisit over time.

Take it with you

Export your Help Scout reporting data to CSV or XLSX on demand for additional analysis.

More about Reporting

Connect your tech stack

Integrate Help Scout with 90+ tools to keep your business in sync, or create your own experience with developer tools.

90+ integrations

Connect an app store of your most crucial business tools including Salesforce, Jira, Zapier, and more.

Mobile SDKs

Customize the customer experience on iOS and Android using our Mobile SDKs for Beacon.

Open API

Take advantage of our open API to make Help Scout work for your specific business needs.

A true platform

All Help Scout products work together out of the box for a powerful, connected support experience.

More about Integrations
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Uncanny Automator
Churn Buster
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Developing a relationship with someone, even if it's through email, is really valuable, and Help Scout's platform makes this possible. Having a conversation that feels human, vs being treated like a ticket number, is essential for building trust.
Rachel KorbCommunity & Operations Manager at
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