Integrate Close with Help Scout

View Close Lead data directly from your Help Scout conversations

Close is the inside sales CRM of choice for SMBs and startups. Packed with built-in call automation, predictive dialing, bulk email, and email sequences, Close features a sales workflow (built by and for salespeople) that’s optimized to increase sales productivity and help you close more deals.

Enabling the Close + Help Scout integration allows you and your team to bring Close Lead data straight into your Help Scout Tickets. Matching by customer email address, this integration lets you see a customer's Lead Status, Lead Owner, Company Description, and many other custom fields directly in Help Scout. Additionally, you'll have the ability to create a new lead in Close if a lead matching the customer's email address cannot be found.

Close - Example of a Help Scout conversation with Close integration

Do more with Close and Help Scout:

  • View Close Lead data for each customer that submits a ticket to Help Scout

  • Easily create a new lead in Close if no lead for a customer can be found

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